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What is the language of love

Other languages can be confusing, right? Maybe you’ve been travelling and been faced with communication struggles in a foreign country. Maybe the subtitles didn’t work on your movie and you have no idea what happened when the spy tried to get into Russia.

These are language barriers we know and are familiar with. What about the language of love though?

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The secret life of Cellulite

when it comes to cellulite, one of two things happen, you either pay it loads of attention with mirrors, creams, scrubs and spray tans or you hide it, never look back there and pretend it’s all okay.

Now that winter is upon us, you might be despairing that your cellulite problems are increasing. It’s not your imagination. White skin shows cellulite more than when you have a summer tan.

Pilu Restaurant

Restaurant of the month pilu

It was my boyfriend’s birthday recently and I wanted to spoil him. To me, spoiling means a sensational restaurant experience. I thought I’d share with you my restaurant of choice and the experience we had. After all, you want to know what to expect when you are going all out!

stuck in life

Stuck in a lifestyle that’s killing you

Every few weeks it seems that someone out there releases a study that says DON’T. The World Health Organisation is especially great at that. Sitting down is killing you, drinking alcohol is killing you, watching TV is killing you. When is a girl supposed to have some fun?


Foods That Increase Sex Drive

Getting enough sex in your life? If you’re not, it could be the foods you’re eating because there are many foods that increase sex drive! So many people aren’t having enough sex, and it’s not just guys who like to get vocal about it, us girls need intimacy in our partnerships just as much.