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Women's Health

Good health doesn’t necessarily mean a crippling diet!

Health actually means a well-balanced lifestyle. We are not all about restricting food or pleasure. We want to help you have fun eating and living the ‘nice’ way with the flexibility of being a little bit ‘naughty’, while maintaining balance and achieving your health goals.

What we find is when you LOVE your healthy eating plan, you stay with it and maintain the weight and body you admire. We have women losing weight and keeping it off, they have found a healthy eating plan that they love and are just glowing with health!

  • Great nutrition
  • Exercise that works
  • Delicious cooking classes and tips

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Women's mindset

Did we say it’s all about style? Oops, it’s actually all about mindset. Let’s call mindset your internal style.

With mindset work you will get to know the deepest part of yourself, you will release fears, doubts, and create a new lasting relationship with yourself.

We’ll teach you the most effective communication tips so that you understand what’s happening internally and can communicate your hearts desires to the outside world.

Oh, the freedom!

Get ready to break the mould on who you used to be and get out there and create the life of your dreams.

  • Emotions
  • Self love
  • Self worth
  • Confidence

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Style is everything.

It’s a visible declaration of who you are. Your creativity, your flare, your passion can all be shown without a word, it can be subtle, it can be as bright as a lighthouse.

We help you develop your style so you walk into a room glowing with confidence.

Get the unique and authentic style that is all you, to suit your body type, your complexion and your audience so that no matter the social setting you will simply radiate confidence and let your beautiful personality shine.

  • Beauty; Tips, workshops
  • Makeup; tips and workshops
  • Image consulting (stylist)

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Relationships - Naughty and Nice

Love is alive and thriving in the 21st Century, and we can show you where to look. Attract your soul mate, improve your current relationship and enhance your sex life with our titillating tactics.

Yes, we talk about sex – at Naughty and Nice sex is not taboo, it’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s your human right to experience mind blowing sexual stimulation! Embrace your sexuality and learn how phenomenal it is to be a woman.

  • Learn about sex from our experts in Tantra
  • Experience ‘Yoga for the Vagina’
  • Confidence in bed: what you want and how to get it
  • Learn how to attract your perfect partner
  • Improve your current relationship

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